Brand Wars

This past week, Smackdown Live challenged RAW to some matches at Survivor Series. Obviously, Survivor Series will continue to be a joint brand PPV. The Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania and SummerSlam will continue to be joint brand pay per views as well. I came up with a dream concept that I thought would’ve been a cool idea.

When the most recent WWE brand split occurred, there was brand competition over who gets to keep the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Dean Ambrose, took the belt to Smackdown Live to stay. With all the brand loyalty that is going on, I thought it would be cool if the WWE World Championship remained the ONLY top prize in WWE. What if the WWE Championship could change brands, but only  defended against the opposing brand at cross brand shows? There are already four cross brand Pay Per Views, I don’t think adding two more would hurt.

This would add a special feel to the cross brand shows, exclusive superstars from each show going at it in a “First time ever” or “One time only” match. You still have the lower championships (Intercontinental, United States, Crusierweight, Etc.) Whichever show had the Title at the time would use it as a focal point, The other show could turn to more personal storylines. I also think i would add to the prestige of the title and make it feel like like more of a big deal when the title did change hands and/or shows.



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