Surprise Heel Turn


I would love to see Zach Ryder turn heel. He’s been around for what? 10 years? In that time, as far as I can recall Ryder has never had a real push. He has talent, the fans want to see him, why hasn’t he earned a better spot than jobbing to The Miz after WrestleMania?

I think a heel turn would greatly increase his career. He could keep the catchphrase of WWWYKI, but use it as a slight against the fans somehow. Let him use every chance he has to show the fans he doesn’t care about their approval and the NEW Zach Ryder has his sights set on one thing, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

He isn’t the biggest guy in the locker room, but he can play the smart gimmick like Edge used to. Hell, back in the day he was an Edge head so they can even say he learned it from Edge. Take every opportunity to cheat to win because he wants to taste the gold so badly. I would even go as far as to bring the “Internet Championship” and destroy it live on RAW to show that the old Ryder is gone.

Ryder already has the “Heel Beard.” Its time to let this guy get some real airtime. I doubt he would become champion within the next year, but the heel turn would start pushing him in the right direction. Maybe he could even win the Money in the Bank match next year and get the belt through a cash in. All I know is, Ryder deserves the WWE Championship.



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