WWE Brand Split


It is official! There will be a WWE brand split between RAW and Smackdown. In my opinion, this is GREAT news. There is too much talent on the roster to have Roman Reigns forced down our throats on RAW and then again on Smackdown. There will be specific superstars on each show and each show will have its own respective championships.

The split is nothing but good news. This will give Smackdown the chance to be relevant again. Lately, Smackdown has been on par with WWE Main Event. If WWE were to move someone like Dean Ambrose or Kevin Owens to the Smackdown roster and ONLY the Smackdown roster it would give fans a reason to actually care about the happenings on Tuesday nights.

As of now, there is supposed to be a second World Championship. I honestly hope they don’t resurrect the World Heavyweight belt. Don’t get me wrong, I love that belt, but I think this is WWE’s opportunity to create a new belt. Create something fresh and unique, kinda like the championships from Lucha Underground. Don’t copy them exactly of course, but I’d like to see something I’ve never seen before instead of a resurrected NWA World Championship.



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