Wrestler of the Month: May 2016

I have been a fan of Kevin Owens since the first time I saw him. He looks real, on the Indie circuit there are TONS of guys who look like him. He also didn’t get to the top based on his looks alone, which is more respectable to me. We’ve seen guys who went to the top because they looked like a Greek God, and that isn’t always the best choice to make the face of your company.

Kevin Owens is a guy who rose to where he is based on his charisma, talent and in ring ability. There are many KO haters, including Jim Cornette and Vince Russo. Despite the hate he gets, Owens impresses me every time he gets in the ring. I can definitely see Owens being the top heel in the company for a long time. He already deserves to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Any match, involving KO is guaranteed to be a great one.


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