WWE War Games Fantasy Match Up

I read a rumor yesterday that there is a possibility of WWE having a War Games style match. This was just a rumor and highly unlikely to actually happen. If this were to actually happen, who would you like to see from the current WWE roster in a War Games match?

I have to say the The Wyatt’s would be the most likely pick to be in a modern day War Games match. If The League of Nations had been booked better and weren’t about to be disbanded, I would choose them to go against the Wyatt’s. Given the status of the WWE currently, my fantasy would be to have Roman Reigns turn heel and align himself with the WWE version of The Bullet Club (Not with AJ Styles). A heel Bullet Club vs. a Face(ish) Wyatt Family would tear the house down. It could also lead to Bray Wyatt getting a shot at the brass ring. “The Apocalypse is coming” gimmick leading up to having The Eater of Worlds as WWE Champion? The New Face of Fear as the new face of the WWE, I get chills just thinking about it. If it were booked correctly, it could be amazing.  In all reality, it is doubtful that will ever happen, buy hey, a guy can dream right?



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