Raw 4/25/16 Hey! Shane is back! again…pt.1

So we started off the night with you guessed it Shane is the GM again even though a little over a month ago we watched his father basically disown him and call him his biggest regret. But hey who are we to question what the WWE does on a weekly basis. I will say this though having Shane on the show has not brought a crazy amount of excitement to the show each week, but it has peaked my interest watching each week.

To start the show we have what seems to be an awkward encounter between Shane and Stephanie…wait Im sorry it was cringeworthy. When Stephanie tries to force the crowd to hate her it comes off poorly and does not seem to create any heat that they so desperately hoped that it would. Nevertheless the first match has high hopes for being a decent match. Watching AJ Styles over the years anytime that he is in a match it has promise to be awesome.

The first match that we got was a pretty decent match we saw plenty of Sheamus using brute strength to controll most of the contest, but Styles fought his way though the adversity and picked up the win with the phenominal elbow. Like I said above I always have enjoyed any match with AJ Styles, but what is up with the styles clash? It is such a cool and unique finsher, but he rarely seems to use it anymore. I can only assume Shemus being a large human being it would have been hard for AJ to execute the finisher and not make it look terrible, but the “Phenominal Elbow” seems kind of lame. Anyways the match was not a bad way to start off the show and I’d give it a B –

Next up we got to see a little booty-O action aka the New Day. So at first I have to admit that I was not the biggest fan of the New Day, but over time they have grown on me. Now for the other two tag team the Vaud Villians and Enzo and Cass. Both teams seem to have promising talent and a great gimick I hope that their match at Payback is great because both teams will have the opportunity.

We finally got to see Gallows and Anderson in action tonight and they wrestle exactly the way they have been built up, poweful and high impact moves that seem to inflict alot of damage onto their opponents. I am totally fine with having a new powerful tag team debuing on Raw by squashing the first team that they are match with, but the Usos have been a mainstay on the roster for quite some time now and not long ago they were tag team champions so seeing them get squashed does not make much sense. Why bury a talented a popular team with two guys who most casual fans know nothing about? Not to say the Anderson and Gallows are not fun to watch,  but them squashing the Usos to add to the Roman and AJ storyline dose not add much to the story for me.

Zayne and Owens have that old school build up feel to a match that I grew up loving as a kid and now as an adult when I would tune into a Monday Night Raw or PPV. The comapany has done a great job actually building a beliveable animosity and hatred between these two and you can feel it in every punch and powerbomb that they deliver to one another. Their match is one that I will be closely watching during PayBack.

Side Note: I am no wrestling professional, just a casual fan that has grown up loving the sport and no matter how badly the story line or lack of seemingly interesting material I always find myself coming back each Monday to watch and find out what will happen next. This is just the first part of my Monday night Raw review and the second part will be up tomorrow. Please feel free to comment on what you thought about well..my thoughts I realize that not everyone agrees and I am sure that some will think some of the points that I made are not accurate, but thats what I wanted when I agreed to be part of this blog. Let me know what you guys think and In hope that you enjoyed!




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