House Shows Matter


A hot topic over the past few weeks is that the NXT Championship changed hands at a house show with Samoa Joe defeating Finn Balor with a muscle buster. I’ve seen a lot of complaints online about it not being a PPV show or a large event. Personally, I like that the title changed hands at a smaller show. This gives more authenticity to smaller shows. In my experience, house shows and smaller shows are actually more enjoyable. There is more crowd connection, looser matches that don’t have to follow rigid stories or stiff time tables. Not to mention, there is no constant talking from the announce team which often makes you wonder if they are paying attention to the match or having a stroke. With this title changing hands it reminds the fans that ANYTHING really can happen in the WWE, even at your local coliseum.

As a fan, I feel that is even more incentive to attend house events. We cant honestly pretend that the only things that matter are the matches that happen on TV, Monday Night RAW or any other TV spot. I would love to see more highlights or “viewer” video from the house shows. They may not be “Blockbuster” matches, but they are damn good matches and would increase the views of and following of some of the guys that aren’t on TV every week.


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